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I uploaded the beta version of Dicecrash, my new game in Extended BASIC for the TI 99/4A, to the AtariAge forums tonight.  You can copy and paste the code right into your emulator (I use Classic99) or download the .zip file in the thread.

I'm going to walk away from it for a couple days, then attack any cosmetic changes, bug fixes and scoring adjustments I want to make.  After that, I'll set up a page just for that game here on the site, and start actually blogging my next programming project.

You can look forward to long-winded musings on the nature of 35-year-old technology, the urge to code on obsolete platforms and my endless quest to carve coding time out of a busy life.  All that will be doled out amidst the actual posts where I talk about my sloppy coding and scrappy ideas.